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    "Thank you so much for your great work on our business plan. We especially like the values!" Kirsten and Jasmin, cafe owners, Sydney. [September 2018]

    "Looks great as always. Just a quick edit. Everything else looks fantastic." Sahil, travel business owner, Melbourne. [September 2018]

    "Thanks Anthony. Job is very well presented. Love your work." Roy, seafood business owner, Torres Strait Islands. [August 2018]

    "Thanks very much for your help on the plan - it has helped considerably." Shari, education app business owner, Brisbane. [July 2018]

    "Anthony, I have looked through the plan and everything is ok. I don't need to make any changes." Lorinne, family day care operator, Sydney. [July 2018]

    "Thanks again for your efforts on the business plan. I appreciate the help and the turnaround time you have provided." Mark, construction company owner, Sydney. [June 2018] 

    "I am very happy with the business plan. Thank you for your help." Ricky, Food business owner, Adelaide. [May 2018]

    "Thank you Anthony. The business plan is an excellent document." Kevin, director, health business, Melbourne. [April 2018]

    "I think the plan is fantastic. A couple of small changes but over all you have smashed it. Thank you!" Kate, CEO, Manufacturing business, NSW. [April 2018]

    "I have met with the immigration agent about the business plan. All good. No changes required. Thank you." Glenn, IT Services business owner, Canberra. [March 2018]

    "Thank you for the work you've put in to the document. I honestly appreciate it." Ben, medical practice owner, Tasmania. [February 2018] 

    "Anthony, you are an absolutely wonderful person. Many thanks for your help and understanding." Jeff, import/export consultant, Sydney. [January 2018] 

    "Thank you for the business plan and all your help. Pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for your patience as well and going over and beyond with assisting us with the website." Carmen and Poppy, health food entrepreneurs, Sydney. [January 2018]

    "Mate, really do appreciate your help over the last two months and your advice and pointers. Thank you very much." Andrew, app developer, Perth. [December 2017] 

    "Thank you so much for your help." Pak, tea retailer, Sydney. [December 2017]

    "Thank you for the business plan. I really appreciate it. Everything looks good." Geanina, day spa owner, Perth. [November 2017]

    "Thanks heaps for your efforts and being easy to deal with. If I have any further needs I will be sure to ask. Thanks again for your help!" Nathan, builder, Western Australia. [October 2017]

    "Thank you for the wonderful job! I really appreciate the excellent service, your attention to detail in writing the business plan and friendly approach made the experience even better than I expected. I would definitely recommend your company if anyone needs Business Plan writing services." Nagender, cafe business owner, Perth. [September 2017] 

    "Great job. Thanks and appreciate your help." Simon, security business owner, Melbourne. [August 2017]

    "Thank you so much, it is better than I could have ever attempted to do! This is wonderful. Thanks again for your prompt and professional help." Cassaly, pub baron, South Australia. [July 2017]

    "Thank you Anthony. You have done a great job." Israh, cafe owner, Sydney. [July 2017]

    "Thank you for the time and effort that you have put in to developing this business plan. I am very impressed with how comprehensive it is." Dannii, business owner, Darwin. [June 2017]

    "Overall, it was a fantastic business plan. Only a few adjustments needed. Once again, thanks for the sensational plan." Daniel, telecommunications reseller, Melbourne. [June 2017] 

    "Many thanks for your great job and attention. We'll keep in touch." Eliane, migration agent, Sydney. [May 2017]

    "Excellent. Thank you very much. All looks good." Kirk, software developer, Sydney. [May 2017]

    "Thank you so much for promptly completing my first ever business plan, can't say I wasn't excited! Thank you so much for your patience." Jenny, family daycare owner, Sydney. [April 2017]

    "Thanks Anthony for the marketing plan. I got the job. Will probably need your services in the future." Allan, marketing director, Melbourne. [March 2017]

    "Thanks for your work. Everything looks great!  Thank you so much for your help." Stephanie, owner, cocktail bar, Victoria. [February 2017]

    "That makes sense, thanks. We'll review our pricing models. Thanks for the marketing tips - they are indeed good advice!" Silvia, CEO, Healthcare IT firm, Sydney. [January 2017]

    "Anthony, we are all impressed. Thank you very much for your time and help. We wish you a happy new year for 2017." Ling, coffee shop owner, Melbourne. [December 2016]

    "Thank you so much for your response and advice. Best wishes for Christmas and a happy safe new year. Thank you so much again." Tazeem, Licensed Post Office owner, Sydney. [December 2016] 

    "Thanks Anthony. I like the new marketing forecast for 2017. Looks good and very comprehensible." Tara, Naturopath, Western Australia. [November 2016]

    "Thanks for the documents. Some interesting thoughts on the strategies. Thanks for all your work." Jho, brand designer, Brisbane. [November 2016]

    "Thank you for the business plan and cash flow forecast spreadsheet. Basically I am quite happy with the draft. I appreciate your services." Peter, migration agent, Perth. [October 2016] 

    "Just a quick email to say thanks for the business plan. My RTO has reviewed and it's all good." Charlie, registered training organisation owner, Perth. [October 2016]

    "I have finally been able to have a good look at the business plan you have sent. I was quite impressed with the result. Thank you." Bruce, aircraft entrepreneur, Sydney. [September 2016] 

    "We have had a thorough look over the business plan and are really happy with it - you've done a great job." Gianna, bar owner, Melbourne. [August 2016]

    "Thanks for this. I've had a look and it seems all good! Thanks so much for this." Alex, new franchisee, Sydney. [July 2016]

    "Overall we found everything very good. Thanks for all your help." Kane and Leticia, food truck owners, Melbourne. [April 2016]

    "Thanks heaps. At a glance, this looks a damn classy business plan. Thanks mate give yourself a pat on the back." Graham, pizza shop owner, Queensland. [April 2016]

    "I have had a look through the plan and spread sheet.  All I can say is it is absolutely awesome.  It looks amazing and I am very happy with it.  Thank you very much for taking the time to do the business plan." Janetta, fitness entrepreneur, Victoria. [March 2016]

    "Thanks mate. It's well done. I will definitely recommend you." Greg, gym owner, Queensland. [March 2016]

    "Thank you for your advice. Again, I would like to thank you for your time & I will certainly be using you again." Sean, horse trainer, Victoria. [March 2016]

    "Thanks for the plan. I appreciate it. It has been a pleasure working with you." Sam, internet entrepreneur, Melbourne. [February 2016]

    "The business plan looks excellent. I'm very happy with it, everything looks good, and I don't think there are any changes that I need." Scott, cafe owner, Queensland. [January 2016]

    "The business plan is fantastic.  I could not have done a better job." Nicole, grocery store owner, country New South Wales. [January 2016]

    "We are really happy with the plan. Thanks for your immaculate work." Abdullah, security business entrepreneur, Melbourne. [January 2016]

    "Thanks for getting this plan to me so quickly. You have done a great job." David, electrician, Brisbane. [January 2016]

    "Thank you so much. Love the business plan, exceeded expectations. I really appreciate all that you've done." Mariam, children's playcentre owner, Sydney. [December 2015]

    "I just really appreciate your work. The plan looks very professional and nicely formatted!" Jenny, web application entrepreneur, Melbourne. [December 2015]

    "Thanks for the business plan. It was complete and interesting." Amir, food outlet owner, Melbourne. [November 2015]

    "It's great to finally have some visual and vision, and most importantly what end target I need to get, in order to achieve my goals. I appreciate all your help." Emilia, promotional products business owner, Perth. [November 2015] 


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